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Supporting New and Early Music in Ireland




TRIPLE SPIRAL film (2023)

TRIPLE SPIRAL is a new work composed by Justin Grounds, drawing inspiration from Baroque instruments and bringing it into the present day. The result is vibrant, contemporary, and mesmerising! The 3 movements (spirals) have the fast-slow-fast structure of an 18th-century trio sonata, while taking inspiration from modern drum’n’bass beats and rhythmic patterns, electronic music, and particle physics.

If you are a festival, competition, or another party interested in screening the film TRIPLE SPIRAL, please contact us directly.


Leatherwing, composed by Fiona Linnane, is a work inspired by and in tribute to the charismatic Lesser Horseshoe Bat. Featuring interviews with ecologist Tanya Slattery (recorded by Fiona Linnane during an Arts Council of Ireland Artist in the Community Project with Limerick Bat Group in 2022) and heterodyne detector recordings of the Lesser Horseshoe Bat call made by Michel Barataud, the work is a conversation between harpsichord, recorded voice and a Lesser Horseshoe Bat. The work was premiered in concert by harpsichordist Yonit Kosovske in March 2023 at the Limerick Early Music Festival on a programme featuring the Limerick New Music Ensemble, and again in May 2023 at the Galway Early Music Festival.


released August 12, 2023

Composition: Fiona Linnane
Harpsichord: Yonit Kosovske
Speaker: Tanya Slattery
Recordings of Lesser Horseshoe Bat courtesy of Michel Barataud

Watershed CD

The Watershed CD features a new song cycle for voice and piano composed by Ailís Ní Ríain and commissioned by pianist Yonit Kosovske who performs alongside contralto singer Julie Comparini. The cycle contains fives songs on selected texts from Jessica Brown’s book of poetry And Say, a profound and personal exploration of the human relationship to natural bodies of land and water in the west of Ireland. The album also presents poetry readings by Jessica Brown, interwoven with field recordings of nature soundscapes along and near Lough Derg in Co Clare, Ireland. To listen and to purchase, visit our Shop on Bandcamp.

Chrome Attic CD


Chrome Attic is a CD of solo chromatic keyboard music from 17th century Italy and Germany. Performed by harpsichordist Yonit Kosovske, the album includes composers: Giovanni de Macque, Ascanio Mayone, Michelangelo Rossi, Giovanni Maria Trabaci, Carolus Luython, Gregorio Strozzi, Tarquinio Merula, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Dieterich Buxtehude, Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, and Georg Muffat. This recording is part of Yonit’s long-term Chrome Attic project and series exploring musical chromaticism and chiaroscuro in painting and photography. To listen and to purchase, visit our Shop on Bandcamp.


ROCKING film (2022)

ROCKING is a creative collaboration between Contemporary Dance and Early Music. It is an exploration of lamentation, love, and loss through a feminist lens inspired by Tarquinio Merula’s sacred lullaby Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna. Over a repetitive rocking bass line is a soaring melody depicting Mary meditating on the limbs of the Christ Child, while contemplating his crucifixion. Through movement, sound, and song, ROCKING is an artistic narration on the finite & the infinite, and on the corporeal & spiritual.

If you are a festival, competition, or another party interested in screening the film ROCKING, please contact us directly.

Fabulous Females on the Fringe: The Judith Project

The Judith Project was an interdisciplinary months-long project that focused on musical and artistic depictions of the Biblical character Judith, and which culminated in a video featuring chamber performances of music by French Baroque composer Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, paintings by Italian Baroque composer Artemisia Gentileschi, and contemporary art, photography, and drama scenes created by students at the Limerick Educate Together Secondary School.

Fabulous Females on the Fringe: Susannah and the Elders

This video features a chamber music performance of Susanne, a cantata by French Baroque composer Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre. Susanna (also known as Susanna and the Elders) is a Second Temple story about a righteous Hebrew woman named Susanna who is wrongly accused of adultery by two dishonest, lecherous men who sexually harass and threaten her while she is bathing in her back garden. Sentenced to death for her supposed adultery, through cross-examination of the two men, Daniel, drawing upon laws in the Torah about justice, shows that the men bore false witness against her, and in doing so Daniel proves Susanna’s innocence, saves her life and restores her good reputation.


WAVE~LINKS is a new video series exploring early music and artisanry. As curators of WAVE~LINKS, Yonit Kosovske & Vlad Smishkewych invite multi-disciplinary musicians into conversation about Historical Performance Practice, while seeking connections with their artistic (and sometimes culinary) practices outside of music. Thus far, the videos have featured Baroque violin & painting, Baroque violin & glass arts, viola da gamba & multi-media art, traverso & photography, voice & weaving, voice & knitting, cornetto & fermentation, Medieval vielle and illustration, building viols & pottery, harpsichord building & painting, Renaissance dance & poetry, among others. In making WAVE~LINKS videos, Yonit and Vlad collaborate with musician-artisans through online and in-person interviews, as well as through extensive written correspondence, to produce creative videos 10–15 minutes in length. Each video is highly unique, individual, and personal, but they all reflect upon, search, and delve into the liminal spaces that exist in between the making of music and art—finding shared or contrasted performance practices while seeking new ways of perceiving their work through cross modalities and metaphor, from the poetic to the technical.

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